Stark against the gray sky, the edifice hadn’t lost its charm despite being turned into a prison only months before. Prior to that, it had been a train station during the second war, filled with so much activity that it practically hummed to each passerby. Trains had been in and out of the station multiple times a day with boys in their blues headed west, wives and sweethearts raising a handkerchief in tearful goodbyes from the platforms. Warden Abbot could practically feel their ghostly sorrow as he walked around the perimeter of his building, checking for cracks or minor cave-ins that might suggest escape attempts.

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Lump of Coal


The train fought hard against wind gusts as it chugged steadily westward. Each car was nearly overflowing with coal- a sure sign of exactly how many children had been naughty that year. Santa, who had been sitting up front, steering the heavy load along the tracks, looked to his left and sighed heavily. The sky was gray, shrouded by tired looking factories. Snow nestled the ground like a blanket, tucked neatly around tree trunks.

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The Great Beyond


I haven’t figured out how to come back to life yet but I’m determined to do so. Dying, I’ve decided, is vastly overrated. Moreover, that bastard came out of nowhere- I didn’t even have time to prepare! Suddenly, I’m just expected to blend in to the atmosphere and float on some thermals? What a crock. Where the hell am I, anyway? Miles of water, but I can tell you this much- I didn’t drown.

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The Ranch


The heat began to cause Ian’s neck to itch and he shifted uncomfortably on the wooden fence, slapping at the sweat. Patience was the key- that’s what grandpa had told him. Hours had passed and there had been nothing but the desert heat rising off of red sand as tumbleweeds floated by, pushed from the occasional breeze.

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Clutching the rock face, she paused and turned her face up to the bright, blue sky. Sunlight kissed Hannah’s arms- she sucked in her breath when she noticed how the rays played off of the rocks, making them appear red, then purple, then a shimmering gold. In that moment, she remembered only just that morning asking for clarity. From whom, she didn’t know. She had never been sure if she believed in God and found herself pulling away from stoic, religious beliefs years ago after graduating private school. However, she wasn’t quite sure that she didn’t believe in anything at all- or that’s what she told herself when things began to get difficult. That’s just what humans do, she thought. Anyone who feels that everything is about to end for them can suddenly find religion. And life was over for Hannah at one point. Not anything as dramatic as being the victim of a horrible accident from which she’d needed resuscitation. She was merely the victim of the choices of others.

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The Wall


She paused to listen for their footsteps, her breath caught in her throat as her heart pounded in her ears. There was nowhere left to go; only walls covered in graffiti and the swell of frenzied voices behind her. She cursed herself for running blindly as she made her way over to one of the walls. Looking up, she knew instinctively that it was too high to jump- but it wouldn’t stop her from trying. Stepping back as far as she could, she took a deep breath, and then, a running leap. Her nails clawed desperately at the mortar as her feet struggled to grasp at the space between the bricks. She made a final desperate reach for the top of the wall and pushed up with her feet, before losing her grip completely and toppling backwards onto the ground. Pushing back her thick red hair, she once again looked to the top of the wall and gritted her teeth, determined to try again. The voices were becoming louder. Their shadowy outlines shrank against the moonlight, ever closer.

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