Clutching the rock face, she paused and turned her face up to the bright, blue sky. Sunlight kissed Hannah’s arms- she sucked in her breath when she noticed how the rays played off of the rocks, making them appear red, then purple, then a shimmering gold. In that moment, she remembered only just that morning asking for clarity. From whom, she didn’t know. She had never been sure if she believed in God and found herself pulling away from stoic, religious beliefs years ago after graduating private school. However, she wasn’t quite sure that she didn’t believe in anything at all- or that’s what she told herself when things began to get difficult. That’s just what humans do, she thought. Anyone who feels that everything is about to end for them can suddenly find religion. And life was over for Hannah at one point. Not anything as dramatic as being the victim of a horrible accident from which she’d needed resuscitation. She was merely the victim of the choices of others.

When she began to fight against the norm, everyone told her she’d gone off the deep end. That no one quit a job that paid three figures a year. People didn’t just sell all of their personal belongings in an effort to find inner peace and minimalism. She couldn’t  just start traveling the world without a reliable salary. What about marriage and babies and a house in the country? What about owning two dogs and a mini-van and cooking dinner for her family every weeknight? What about sitting around the dining room table for Thanksgiving, relived to have a four-day weekend before jumping back into her job the following Monday?

No, she was finished with all of that. It hadn’t been without frustrations. Was she doing the right thing, or was she just as crazy as everyone told her? Twelve weeks into her adventure and running out of time to figure out a way to keep herself afloat financially, Hannah had hit a wall- what was she doing? How could she know if any of this was right or if she was simply throwing away good, money making years? Wasn’t this kind of adventure for when she was retired and could rely on her 401k?

Rock climbing had caught her eye almost three hours into her hike. Believing it would be a way to refocus her busy mind, she’d signed up. Now here she was, absorbing the world around her in a way that many people would never experience. A few more feet and she could take the sky in her hands. Smiling, she turned to look at her instructor, then refocused her gaze and kept climbing.


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