The paper was blank with potential, a canvas of white and blue. He cocked his head slightly as he considered where to begin his story. Crossing out what he’d written again and again, he tossed half crumpled sheets of paper at a wastebasket in the corner. It sat half full with his abruptly ended thoughts.

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The arch stood lonely against the gray sky, reaching for something no longer there. Trees appeared black behind it, growing from beneath the weary bricks. The change of season felt as though it may never arrive and he was left waiting for her, hoping she wouldn’t fall through on her promise. It had been many years since they had seen one another. Perhaps too many, but that had been the fault of circumstance. Still, he could never quite forgive himself for letting her go. It seemed, however, that he would never have the chance to apologize. Wind continued to howl.



She checked her shoes one last time before walking out the door. They weren’t the most sensible thing to wear. After all, how sensible were bows beyond the age of 7? Still, she couldn’t help but feel a confidence in wearing them that she never felt in high heels. She needed every spirit boost she could get. Today was far more important than anything she could have imagined and chances were, she’d remember it forever. She may as well remember it in her favorite pair of shoes. A brief once over in the mirror and she was out the door.



Had I known that this was the last morning of my life I’d have left the apartment a little bit cleaner. It’s an impossible feeling to describe, being outside your body but still feeling impossibly human. Such as being struck by the knowledge that whoever ultimately packs up my belongings will assume I was unkempt.

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Public Affair


Sarah sat quietly in the corner of the small cafe, sipping gingerly at the latte she’d ordered. It was piping hot and would last her for as long as she needed to wait for him.  A client had come to her, desperate. The woman knew that her husband had been cheating (they always did, didn’t they?) but was bound to the prenup she’d signed off on before her wedding- unless the “cheating clause” was broken, of course.

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In Plain Sight


Exposed to the elements and out in the open, it wasn’t the ideal location for a rendezvous. Yet under the cover of darkness, it could nearly pass for a place that held a dark secret. Perhaps they had- but no, they wouldn’t. Not when someone simply driving by could see them. She was married after all and he was far too old to be pursuing women of her age. Then again, her husband was abusive and almost always drunk. And him! His wife died years ago under tragic circumstances. Considered an eligible bachelor despite his age, it was a disappointment to the women whose attentions he had rejected time and again. Clearly, he wasn’t in any hurry to remarry- but if the rumors were true, maybe they’d been mistaken. Maybe he simply hadn’t been in a hurry to marry someone available.

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The Hit


It wasn’t going to be an ideal hit, that much was obvious. The closest Clint was going to be able to get the building was nearly two blocks away. His target’s only window was on the front side of the apartment that faced a busy street. There were no side or back door exits that he could case. There was simply the front door, the window, and the loading dock behind the building that tenants only used for moving in and out of their units- at least, as far as he could tell.

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