The Wedding


The pattern had been perfect in the catalog she recalled, lightly running her fingers around the cool clean rim. Now, it mocked her with its bright colors- the purples and greens and blues that burst from the creamy background like fireworks. When she’d gotten married, it had been the happiest day of her life. She’d never before felt like any day that followed another could pale in comparison to the one before it. Then again, she’d never been so in love before. It’s funny how such a rush of emotion could numb you to everything except what the emotion was focused on.

She had felt this way in anger and spite- in happiness, in gladness, in joy, and in shame. The memories might not be etched clearly into her memory, but she could always recall how she had felt and that day…that day still makes her heart sing. Even now as her heart is breaking, it soars with a happiness she knows she will never feel again.




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