The Game


Lessons I have learned so far in my twist on Project 365:

1)      I start stories off with “the” a lot. Will work on this.

2)      Taking pictures every day when you spend 8 hours chained to a windowless cubicle is difficult.

3)      Writing every day is also difficult. Not the writing so much as the story/the creative idea.

4)      I used to have a lot of stories in my brain. I guess my lack of creative outlets over the years has shaved them down…but they’ll come back. Eventually.

Clouds blanketed the beginning of sunset as trees, still naked from winter, waved in the breeze. Evening was coming and with it, the smell of rain- a promise of success. It had been an ugly hunt. This time, he had lost her for days, unsure of where she’d moved or how she had so successfully managed to slip away with nary a trace of evidence left in her wake. He’d stumbled on her completely by accident, walking through a parking lot, the smell of her hair carried by the wind- serendipity.

In that moment, he became stricken with need and followed her scent like an animal completely enamored by the hunt.  She wasn’t close. Were he human it would take days to walk to her- hours to fly. Luckily, Jonathan didn’t have to worry about that. Now here he was, standing alongside the trail, waiting. He could smell her as she approached- maybe three miles out. The smell of her sweat blended seamlessly into the scent of her running clothes, fresh from the dryer. Her rapid breathing was timed by the soft beat of her shoes, pushing against the pavement.

He had a few more moments to relax. Chuckling to himself, he thought of how safe she must feel to be out here alone- and how clever she must think she was to evade him. Surely she had to know that it wouldn’t last. He would find her- he could always find her.

As if sensing something on the horizon, her direction suddenly changed, feet pounding hard against the concrete- a slightly quicker rhythm than before. He considered following her for a moment, but stopped himself. He had waited this long. Teasing her with her fate was far more fun than actually committing himself to it- it was why he’d let her live for so long.  The game would continue- he melted into the bare trees leaving no sign he’d ever been waiting.


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