No one could throw a party like she could and everyone in attendance knew it. The air was a multitude of colors, all falling from the sky as her audience danced and screamed beneath her feet, reaching for her, their fingers straining for a look, a touch, anything. She smiled and waved her eyes alive with energy, her heart filled with love for every single person before her.

She thought back to when she’d been younger and filled with the hope of her dreams. Now everything she’d conjured was coming true in such rapid succession, she wasn’t sure how much longer these dreams would fly before they faltered. Yet here, in this space, she found it hard to believe that the future wasn’t crackling with possibility. Surely she hadn’t pictured herself getting this far- had she? Her voice was hoarse and her body was shaking with adrenaline giving way into exhaustion as the performance drew to a close. The show- every single second of it had been a success. For that she couldn’t be more grateful. Because of that, she knew her future was so much bigger than she could ever dare to imagine.


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