His Calling


Jacob admired the hulking rib cage of the brontosaurus. He wasn’t entirely sure how long he’d been staring, but when he happened to check around him, he realized that the rest of his class had moved on to another room of the museum. That was okay- no one ever tended to notice him anyway. It was better that they didn’t start now when it could potentially drag him away from something so incredible.

Walking around the base of the dinosaur, he took in every last detail. The length of its bones, the width of its feet, and the enormity of its mouth- all of that space for only the consumption of vegetation! The revelation blew Jacob’s mind. He had never really enjoyed school much- writing classes were boring and math left him befuddled day in and day out. It didn’t matter how hard he worked at something, how many weekends he spent in the library- he could never figure out the confusing formulas or the absurd graphs and their various quads. Anthropology had been on a lark- his high school required 6 credits of “extras.” Given his late sign up, the only classes left to take were pottery or anthropology. Disliking the smell of the cigarette smoke that his more creative classmates reeked of day in and day out, Jacob had chosen Anthropology, expecting to be bored. On the contrary, he had never been so fascinated by a topic in his entire life.

At the end of the semester, he was to write a paper regarding his favorite chapter and their teacher had brought them to the local museum as inspiration. Now here Jacob stood, unsure of how to formulate his complete and utter awe into words. Perhaps if he waited here long enough, soaked in the history, it would become easier. Reaching out, Jacob gently stroked the cool, smooth bones of the brontosaurus, waiting for it to speak to him in a way that could make sense to everyone else.


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