Just Sex


Perfect hadn’t been quite as she’d imagined it to be. The sheets were still neatly drawn to the top of the bed and gently folded down, smoothed to perfection. No one had slept beneath them the day before, nor had they participated in any other extracurricular activities- that much was obvious.

Katherine frowned. Where had she gone wrong? The whole day had been spent cleaning and scrubbing, polishing and primping, laundering and folding. Her apartment had smelled of fresh flowers from the market. Her body of exotic perfumes from a specialty store. She’d dressed herself in a tight, black knit dress with a plunging neckline that left little to the imagination. Still- while she had a steady line of drinks being sent to her table throughout the evening, she hadn’t managed to convince anyone to come home with her that she had wanted. Barrel stomachs and chest hair just didn’t do it for her- yet they seemed out in spades last night. At least their wallets had been thick.

Weren’t all men were into strong women- wasn’t that the latest craze? Was it the way she lowered her voice in anticipation or the darkening of her eyes- as if she were staring down prey that scared off the more eligible one night stands? Katherine had fallen into a drunken slumber alone on her couch the evening before, bed untouched.  Her eyes burned upon waking, dry behind the contacts she’d failed to remove. Clearly, she needed to reevaluate her approach. First however, she needed to strip her bed clean of sheets- they mocked her failure- and she wasn’t about to have that hanging over her head all day.


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