Where Being Good Gets You


Aaron groaned as his world came back into focus. The glaring streetlight was flipped on in broad daylight and did nothing to dull the aching of his head. How long had he been out? Unsteady, he pushed himself off the ground and gingerly felt the back of his head, searching for the sticky, warm signs of an open wound. He wasn’t quite sure what had happened, only that the last time his eyes were open, it had been completely dark.
Had no one come across him before now? Checking his watch, he realized that he had been out for at least four hours in the middle of a downtown sidewalk. Had people simply assumed that he was drunk and sleeping off one too many beers? He’d known that people in this town weren’t overly friendly, but four hours was a little excessive for someone- even a drunk, to be lying unnoticed on the street corner. A wave of nausea washed over him and he quickly leaned forward against the cool stone wall which housed an ATM.

In a flash, everything came back. He had just parted ways with friends after a few drinks. Out of cash and in need of a cab, he’d stopped at the bank for a quick withdrawal.  Well that’s where responsibility got you, he thought angrily. Someone must have hit him from behind once the machine spit out his cash. A quick pocket check assured that his cell phone and wallet were also missing.  NOW what was he supposed to do? Pricks. With a kick of his shoe, he shoved his hands in his pockets and began walking towards the restaurant across the street. Now if only he actually had someone’s phone number memorized…


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