Public Affair


Sarah sat quietly in the corner of the small cafe, sipping gingerly at the latte she’d ordered. It was piping hot and would last her for as long as she needed to wait for him.  A client had come to her, desperate. The woman knew that her husband had been cheating (they always did, didn’t they?) but was bound to the prenup she’d signed off on before her wedding- unless the “cheating clause” was broken, of course.

Her husband was very, very good at hiding his philandering, content to have both a wife and a mistress and Sarah had to admire him for it, despite how much her stomach turned each time she thought about it for too long. After all, there was something to be said for someone as high profile as Clay Ashborn covering his tracks. Even the media had, had no idea that his life wasn’t quite as picturesque as he’d painted it for the papers.

He’d managed to keep everything from his wife, for awhile. Broken lunch dates and late nights could be explained away as “business.”  Still, a woman’s intuition is a powerful tool if she learned how to use it and his wife caught on quicker than most other ladies would have. She was bright in addition to being beautiful- which was why he remembered being attracted to her to begin with. Nonetheless, a divorce, especially one ignited because of a torrid affair would ruin his bid at public office in seconds- and he had been working towards this for years.

She’d known he was weak when it came to beautiful women- that was why she had added the clause to their prenuptial agreement. She was only entitled to part of his fortune if she could prove that he’d been unfaithful. Certain that it would be an easy thing to prove, she was content to say “I do.” Several months in, she realized how deeply she had miscalculated his ability to out manipulate a natural manipulator.  Failing time and again on her own, she’d hired Sarah, hoping to finally put the whole mess behind her.

The only problem she hadn’t planned on having was hiring the mistress.

Sarah was content to take the money- it wasn’t like she hadn’t succeeded at what she’d been hired for.She just wasn’t quick to let on to that.

She sipped on latte, waiting for Clay to stop through on his way to the office. Just seeing him caused her breath to quicken. They would barely make eye contact but would both be fully aware of the electricity that lit up the room simply because they were in the same space.

As unethical as the affair was given her role, Sarah knew that his attraction to her wouldn’t last forever. When that day came, Sarah will still have benefited and hopefully be long gone before the next mistress came along and was caught. Smiling to herself, she sipped her latte, leaned back in her chair, and waited.



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