Had I known that this was the last morning of my life I’d have left the apartment a little bit cleaner. It’s an impossible feeling to describe, being outside your body but still feeling impossibly human. Such as being struck by the knowledge that whoever ultimately packs up my belongings will assume I was unkempt.

You’d think I’d be concerned about bigger things- that fact that I was completely invisible, for example, or my lack of ability to remember anything that had happened to me over the last twenty four hours. Or the uncertainty of what had happened to Maureen.

*This is my first “100 Word Story” originally inspired by and published on this site: It is a new way of writing that I have found is incredibly inspirational simply because you must wrap an entire story- the rise, the in- between and the fall into only 100 words. I will be writing more of these- I find them to be quite the challenge!



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