OMIGAWD, it’s your whole face!


That’s me! Just in case you’ve been wondering what the other half of my face looks like.

I have been writing a LOT. Feel free to check out my more business-like blog (no-lie, I actually have a professional side!) at OR my random musings at

That being said, I’ve been doing quite a bit of research as far as how to become a better writer. It is for this reason that I believe that I need to write MORE and DIFFERENT. Wait, I thought to myself, I have a pattern going here! Creative stories! Plot lines! Characters!

Then I said, self? It’s your own damn blog, write whatever and however you want to write if and when it means improving your craft.

So now, I’m occasionally going to try to sell you something. Just for fun. I’m going to incorporate tips I learn and spice some things up a little. I even decided I like one of the ideas I’ve started forming already enough to try to turn it into a book- what do you think of THAT? Subscribe to stay up to date on those happenings!


I think it’s about time I started looking for income I can make at home so that I have more time to write. Suggestions?

Seriously though, folks. Really appreciate the support so far. Drop me a line. Any damn time of the day or night. I believe in being responsive…at least, during reasonable hours.  Plus I like bonding over silly things- like favorite cocktails.


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