Whipped cream melted in defeat against the hot summer sun, sinking into the ice in muddy chocolate pools. Why someone hadn’t just bothered to throw away their cup was unclear, but there it sat in a patch of sunlight, just to the left of a wooden bench deep within the park.
Some individuals caught a glance of it, but continued to walk by, despite the trash and recycle bins nearby. A small child, skipping along, tried to kick at it but missed, instead losing his balance and toppling onto his bottom. His nanny, harried from a day of trying to distract a rambunctious two year old picked him up, dusted him off, and soothed his tears with the promise of ice cream before taking the child’s hand and walking away. Birds, curiosity getting the best of them, pecked questionably at the plastic cup, squawking at one another as if to say “what do you think it is?” A homeless man stopped to inspect the cup as well, picking it up and turning it over in his hands. A tentative sip, then scrunching his nose, he dropped it and continued walking, all the while mumbling to himself.
And so the empty cup continued to sit. Wait.

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