There had to be some way to get through it, she knew. Security around the building was insanely tight- not even so much as a window that she could climb through. But this long forgotten broken down vent shaft…no one even knew it was there. She darted a glance right, then left. Her palms were beginning to sweat. It was now or never.

Leaning her purse against the cool brick exterior, she reached for the abandoned wooden crate that sat a few feet away.  Placing it under the window, she slowly eased her weight onto it, hesitating each time it moaned with a low creak. Slowly, she disassembled the rusted tabs, tossing them softly to the ground. Once the opening was large enough for her to fit through, she peered inside. It was filled with abandoned bird nests and smelled of age and mildew. Still, she could hear the sounds of the party going on just inside, though where the vent led exactly, she wasn’t sure. Taking one last glance around to make sure that no one was watching, she hoisted herself inside and began the long slow crawl.





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