There’s nothing quite like being naked first thing in the morning- especially when the wind is howling fast and hard from the north. Agnes stared hard at the tree as its branches swayed back and forth. She didn’t really know what she was doing anymore, but when she’d woken up this morning and he’d been gone, wind wailing against her windows she felt more vulnerable than she had in a long time. Sitting up, she’d wrapped a sheet around her nudity and began wandering through the apartment, hoping he’d left a note, an apology, a reason- but there was none.
Now dressed in one of his old T shirts, sipping coffee while she sat behind the closed patio door, Agnes watched the tree that bloomed from just below her balcony as it swayed with the elements. She wished she’d been born more resilient- that her heart and her mind easily bounced back from tragedy. That she could shed the layers of herself she didn’t like and blossom new and exciting every time spring rolled around. Taking another sip from her coffee mug, she sighed. Forget sinking into the ground and disappearing. She didn’t want to not exist- she just didn’t want to exist in a shell that hurt so much.

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