And She Was


And she was




Her fears, her desires, her future

Vast as the open sea

Until the clouds roll in


It will end

For the light

From the stars at night

Never shines as brightly

As it does on Hollywood screens


There was nothing

And she was nothing

As she felt nothing

As though it were something


It will end

She thought calmly

Squinting against the sunlight


She willed coming darkness

To deepen the waters


She knew

It would be nice

To disappear into


Seagulls cried

Water lapped at her feet

Salt scrubbed

Her delicate skin

And wafted into her nostrils

She closed her eyes

And smiled

And waited



It would be nice


Like a Rainstorm


Rain was thick in the air as the clouds rolled in, a dark grey blanket that swaddled the sun. May Ellen hadn’t seen rain in so long that she’d nearly forgotten what it was. The summer had been long and the winter had been even worse, barely accumulating any precipitation. Now, well into spring, she had begun to doubt that anything could ever grow again.

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